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Before and after logo designs

See the difference: Night & Day

After playing around with the new Google Stories and setting up a sample display of our Montreal Logo Design Portfolio, we came across a few of our favorite before and afters and felt like sharing them with you.

Your logo is often the world’s first impression of your business. Judgements are made immediately and subconsciously about the integrity, credibility and trustworthiness of your business in the minds of your would be clients.

A logo should be attractive both in the sense of being aesthetically pleasing and drawing people into wanting to do business with you. Having a poorly designed is just plain inappropriate. Would you go to a wedding wearing jeans and a t-shirt? No, of course not! Then why wouldn’t you dress up your business with a clean, crisp, and professional logo?

Your logo is your chance to shine and show how unique your company is. Your logo can and should reflect your company’s personality and character!

A good logo attracts good customers!

Patriot Plumbing - Before

Montreal Logo Design Portfolio

Patriot Plumbing - After

Care Plus Home Care - Before

Montreal Logo Design Portfolio

Care Plus Home Care - After

Brome Fair - Before

Montreal Graphic Design Portfolio

Brome Fair - After